Perhaps I can save us both some time. To the left, you'll see links to various pages of my site; I've tried to include useful info on them which may answer any questions you may have.

The 'ROMS' page contains lists of all the various sets I'm currently burning. Next to each set is a link call "See set details.." which contains the names of all files in the set along with the total number of files. There's also information on this page how to go about actually getting the sets. The top of this page will also show any messages I have concerning the status of my burning operations...if there are delays, for instance, or if I've suspended burning for any reason.

The 'Offer' page explains exactly what I will do and what you can expect from my service, together with any applicable conditions. The method by which one can send their own discs for burning is also explained there. If you're looking for a service that's not outlined on my 'Offer' page then, sorry, I can't help.

The 'Links' page is pretty self-explanatory; some hopefully useful resources, including a link to a site where you'll find various emulators for the sets I burn.

The 'FAQ' page is where I've tried to answer questions I've already received; you may hopefully find that answers you're looking for are already there.

The 'Mailing List' page is where you sign up for the list I use to inform people when I have new MAME™ updates available. Please check it out for more info.

I often get questions not directly related to the burning service and, nearly always, these questions could be answered for the person more quickly if they'd used a search engine; in the time it takes them to write out the question in a message to me, for me to get it and read it...and then for me to look up the answer if I don't know it...well, the person could've had the answer ten times over already if they'd gone to a search engine first. The link below is to what I think is the best's pretty likely that if you're going to ask me something about a problem with MAME™ (or some other emulator) or pretty much anything, really, this is how I'll be finding the answer. So why not cut out the middleman?

Google Search Tips Advanced Search Language Tools

If, after going through the above, you'd still like to contact me, please use the link below. Please be advised that messages from my mailserver are sometimes filtered and the intended receiver never gets appears that my host's mailserver is on a spamblock list; this means all messages sent from any website on the hosting company's servers -even legit ones from me to you- will be filtered by any ISP using a spamblock list that includes the hosting company. In other words, I will most likely get the message you send, but it's possible you won't get my reply. If you've sent me a message and have received no reply, you may want to resend the message from a different email account.


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