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Please note that, beginning with MAME™ .162, MAME™, originally an arcade game emulator, has been merged with MESS, an emulator that functioned just like the original MAME™, but emulated console and computer-based games. Currently, My MAME™ sets, referenced below, include ONLY arcade games, not the console games previously emulated by MESS.

Step 1: Select your ROMs sets Here

Hard Drive Sets
Note: The hard drives I use are USB-powered and do not require an AC adapter.

The MAME™ Hard Drive
Set 1 -- MAME™ .178 Arcade ROMs, CHDs and extras on a USB portable hard drive. -- $100.00

Note: the drive used for this set is smaller in capacity than the one used for Set 2, shown below.

The Complete Hard Drive
Set 2 -- All sets listed below (including the contents of the MAME™ Drive, shown above) on a USB portable hard drive. -- $145.00

Note: the MAME™ update sets won't be needed so they're not included.

DVD Sets

Set 3 -- Complete Arcade ROMs and samples set for MAME™ version .178 -- 13 DVD-R discs -- $26.00      
Note: This set does not include the MAME™ CHD or laserdisc files. Due to the amount of space needed to store those files, they're only available on my hard drive sets, shown above.

Set 4 -- Artwork Extras set for MAME™ version .178 -- 7 DVD-R discs -- $14.00      
Set 5 -- Complete ROMs and samples set for MAME™ version .139 -- 6 DVD-R discs -- $12.00      
Set 6 -- Complete ROMs set for MAME™ version .78 -- 2 DVD-R discs -- $4.00      
Set 7 -- Complete ROMs and samples set for MAME™ version .37b5 -- 1 DVD-R disc -- $2.00      

Updates for older MAME™ sets
Set 8 -- Update MAME™ Arcade ROMs set from version .177 to .178 -- 3 DVD-R discs -- $6.00

Set 9 -- Update MAME™ Arcade ROMs set from version .176 to .177 -- 6 DVD-R discs -- $12.00

Note: If you'd like to notified when I have newly updated sets of MAME™ ROMs available, please join my mailing list.

Other Arcade Emulator Sets:
Set 10 -- DAPHNE Laserdisc MPEGS and ROMs -- 4 DVD-R discs -- $8.00      
Set 11 -- Unemulated Laserdisc MPEGS -- 2 DVD-R discs -- $4.00      

Nintendo Console ROM Sets:
Set 12 -- GameBoy (Mono/Color/Advance) and Virtual Boy ROMs -- 13 DVD-R discs -- $26.00      
Set 13 -- NES/SNES ROMs -- 3 DVD-R discs -- $6.00      
Set 14 -- N64 ROMs -- 7 DVD-R discs -- $14.00      

Other Console System ROM Sets:
Set 15 -- Sega ROMS -- 1 DVD-R disc -- $2.00      
Set 16 -- Atari/Apple ROMs -- 2 DVD-R discs -- $4.00      
Set 17 -- Commodore Amiga -- 3 DVD-R discs -- $6.00      
Set 18 -- Commodore C64, VIC20 and others -- 3 DVD-R discs -- $6.00      

NEC PC Engine-TurboGrafx-16 Sets:
Set 19 -- PC Engine-TurboGrafx-16 ROMs -- 1 DVD-R disc -- $2.00      
Set 20 -- PC Engine ISOs -- 1 DVD-R disc -- $2.00      

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Step 3: Finishing Up

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Please email me with all the relevant details including which set(s) you want, your address, the form of reimbursement you'd like to use and the total from the box above. I'll send you my address and we can go from there.

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